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Subject: The Adventures of Chet Pectoral - Part SeventeenThe Adventures of Chet Pectoral
Chapter Seventeen of Twenty Dean lay on the bed. His hands were tied to the headboard with
ropes. His body glistened with sweat nude 7yo lolita nymphets and his chest heaved as he caught his
breath. The boy had done this to him. Had asked if he could control the
fucking and not Dean.
He had been dating Tim for several weeks now after taking him home
from the bar in which they had met. They did not live in the same city so
it was easy to fly the boy in, use him and then let him go home.
The boy was an excellent toy and let Dean do anything to him that
he wished. The boy even encouraged Dean to be wilder and more inventive
that he had ever thought was possible.
Inwardly, he smiled at the things he had done to Tim’s body. The
boy had been beaten and fucked more times now than he could count. He even
kept the boy in a cage when he wasn’t in use.
The boy was fun. He had explored and the boy had an amazing
threshold for pain. He had even taken the boy for a romantic dinner. Of
course, the boy had worn a cock cage and butt plug. It was last night that Tim had asked him.
“Can I tie your hands tonight?”
The boy was collared and sitting naked at Dean’s table lolita nude pics models in the
apartment he rented just off campus.
“You’re the boy,” he laughed, “that means I tie you.”
Tim blushed.
“I know, Sir.” He said, shifting in his chair. The plug he had
shoved into the boy’s ass had been bigger than usual and it was obviously
getting to the boy.
“Why do you want to tie me,” Dean asked.
“I want to give you pleasure,” the boy said, “I want to ride you
and drain you cock until you have nothing left.”
“You don’t need to tie me to do that.”
“If I don’t tie you you’ll make me stop. We both know that you’ll
want to do things to my body. You always do.” The boy left his chair and got on his knees in front of Dean. Dean
moaned as the boy took his cock out of his boxer shorts and began to suck
it. Damn, the boy could sure suck cock.
He did not love the boy. There were no feelings like that. But,
he did want the boy around. He had grown used to Tim being near him and he
had not felt closeness like that in some time. Dean agreed to Tim’s request and that night he had allowed the boy
to tie his hand to the headboard. The boy looked at him and giggled like a
kid in a candy store. The boy asked permission and when allowed removed
his butt plug. The cock cage that Dean had placed on the boy remained on.
The boy had straddled Dean and lowered himself down on Dean’s cock
and began to ride. The ride was slow and methodical. There was a rhythm
to it and soon Dean was lost in the feelings, his toes curling as the boy
rode him. It seemed like the boy rode him forever and every time he got
close to cumming the boy seemed to be able to sense that and he would ease
back, going slower, letting Dean catch his second wind. Then, just as Dean
relaxed, the boy would pick up the pace again, driving him to the edge.
Tim was skilled and edged Dean for what seemed like hours. They
did not speak there were just moans of pleasure from both of them. Their
bodies were covered in a fine sweat. Dean looked as every muscle the boy
had worked and strained. Occasionally, the boy would reach down and play
with Dean’s chest or he would lean down and kiss him.
Finally, Dean was desperate to cum.
“Boy, if you don’t make me cum in the next five minutes you’ll pay
for it tonight.”
“Are you asking permission to cum,” the boy asked.
Dan laughed.
“BOY!” Again the boy laughed but Dean felt it as the boy picked up the
pace and began to ride him faster and faster. Dean yelled. He was so
close. The boy continued to ride over and over, up and down.
Dean yelled and began to shoot inside the boy’s tight ass. Tim
laughed and continued to ride. For several minutes the boy rode him over
and over as Dean first lolita rape incest torture began to grow soft inside him, preteen lolita hidden upskirt
and then felt his
cock get hard again. Tim smiled down at him and continued his pace.
“Ohhhh, you’re going to pay for this,” Dean laughed, pulling at his
Again, the boy rode him and after an even longer period of time he
began to get close. Dean’s cock was incredibly sensitive now and he felt
every lolitas free pics 11yo stroke on his cock.
“You’re close again aren’t you,” Tim nude 7yo lolita nymphets asked. Dean groaned and nodded his head. He felt that the boy had control
now and he didn’t like it. It reminded him of being tied in the barn. He closed his eyes and felt himself cum for the second time. Dean
yelled, his cock more sensitive than it had ever been.
The boy finally pulled off his cock. Dean looked down and saw his
dick was swollen and red. Tim walked into the bathroom.
“Hey, boy.” Dean yelled, “Time to untie your master.”
Tim didn’t answer.
“Where the fuck are you boy. You’re going to get flogged again.”
Still the boy didn’t answer. Dean pulled at his wrist bonds.
Finally, he saw Tim come into view. It was then that Dean knew something was wrong. Tim came out of
the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Why he would ever wear a towel was
strange to Dean. Tim never had a desire to wear clothes. Tim approached the bed.
“That was fun,” he said. Dean didn’t speak he just stared at the boy as he walked out of the
bedroom. He returned with the key to his cock cage that Dean kept on the
table next to his bed. He unlocked the cock cage and took it off. Next
Tim unlocked his collar and took that off as well.
“That feels much better.”
“What are you doing,” Dean asked. As he did, he heard his voice
crack. Inside, he already knew the answer. “I have lolitas nude model archives a surprise for you,” Tim said and with that left the room.
Just over a minute later he saw a figure in the doorway. It wasn’t Tim. “Hello,” Matt said. It took everything he had for Dean not to scream.
Chet woke in his stall and saw a guard standing over him. The
guard was dressed in a full uniform. He was a tall, white man with a bald
head and a thick build.
“Up,” he said.
Chet stood and the guard attached a clamp to each of Chet’s tits.
The clamps had chains that led to a leash and the guard tugged at the leash
causing Chet’s cock to jump and leak. Chet could not remember the last
time he had seen his cock soft.
Chet followed the guard as he pulled Chet forward. Eventually,
they reached the showers.
“Grab your ankles.”
He bent forward as the guard instructed and heard him unzip his
pants. Seconds later he felt the guard’s large cock savagely enter his
hole. He tried not to moan but the guard began to not only pound him but
tug on the leash and pull his clamps. Chet groaned as the guard picked up
the pace. “Do not cum, boy.” It took everything for Chet to will himself not to cum. He had
been well trained and broken in by Primbatu. He was a tit whore now and
each thrust of the guard in his ass was nothing compared to the feelings he
was experiencing in his tits. The pulling of his nips drove him crazy and
he began to tighten his ass around the guard’s cock.
Behind him the lolitas free pics 11yo guard moaned and unleashed his load inside Chet.
He held it there for several seconds and then Chet felt tiny teen lolita sex the guard
yank his cock out of Chet and heard him zip up his pants. The guard told
Chet to stand then pulled him by his tit leash into the showers. home lolita pussy picture There
Chet was shaved again and given several enemas to clean him out inside.
Chet moaned as his ass was filled with liquid over and over until they were
sure he was clean.
The guard kneeled in front of Chet and took out a piece of black
rubber. He rolled this piece of black rubber over Chet’s cock and then
forced each of Chet’s balls into a pouch at the bottom of the rubber.
Finally, he placed a large steel cock ring around his cock and balls. The
cock ring was heavy and Chet felt the weight of it. When the guard was
done Chet’s cock and balls were firmly encased in rubber. The effect was
to make his already large cock look huge and it cut off all of lolita nude pics models the feeling
in his cock. Chet guessed this would keep him hard and unable to cum.
Chet’s tits remained clamped the entire time and the guard pulled
on them yet again pulling him out of the showers. The headed toward the
house and Chet was taken in the back door and into a room and into an
office. The guard took the leash and unhooked it from Chet’s tits. He
then grabbed a chain that hung from the ceiling and attached that to the
tit chain. The guard then went to the wall and used a winch to take the
slack off the chain. Chet felt his chain began to pull until he was yanked
onto his toes. The guard went behind him and cuffed his hands together and then
left the room.
Chet moaned.
He was being hung by his tits. Chet shifted his weight trying to balance to take the pressure off
his nipples. His dick, solidly encased in the rubber sheath, jumped. Chet
was able, after several minutes to find a position where he was able to
take most of the pressure off his tits. But, it took concentration to
remain in place. He tiny teen lolita sex
moaned and he felt his body begin to sweat with the
strain of staying in place.
Later, Chet did not know how long he hung there, the door opened.
By then a pool of sweat had formed under him and his body glistened with
strain. Two women entered. Chet knew instantly who one of the women was.
She had the same features as her father and brothers. Obviously, she was
Primbatu’s daughter.
“He’s beautiful Athena,” the other woman said.
They were both naked and they approached Chet.
Both women explored his body for several seconds and Athena pulled
on his chain yanking his tits and making him cry out.
“Look at his cock,” Athena said, “he won’t be able to cum while we
play with him.”
Athena went to a cabinet and pulled out a long dildo. Actually,
when Chet was able to look closer it was two dildos one on each side of a
leather cloth. The cloth had straps.
“Come to me my love,” Athena said and Becky went to her.
She pushed one end of the dildo into Becky and strapped the harness
to her. Now Becky had a dildo in her and a strap on dildo pointed out
ready for action. Athena went to the winch and lowered Chet by a few turns
on the handle. He was now able to stand without much strain but if he
moved the chain would pull his nips hard. “We don’t want to pull those nips off do tiny tots lolitas galleries
we?” Athena said to Chet.
“No, Mistress.” Chet said.
Athena petted Chet on the head like a dog.
“Your a good boy aren’t you.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
Athena kissed him then lightly on the lips. Then she reached back
and grabbed Chet’s ass cheeks, pulling them apart.
“Do it,” she told her lover.
Becky moved behind Chet and he felt the plastic dildo force its way
into his ass. Chet gasped as it moved in deep. It was large but not too
large and Becky moved into his ass in two quick thrusts.
“Now me,” Athena said.
She grabbed Chet’s shoulders and as she did the chain pulled his
tits making Chet gasp. Then she lowered herself down on Chet’s cock.
“Ride,” Athena instructed. Together, Athena and Becky began to move. Athena fucked herself
with Chet’s cock. Chet could feel nothing since it was enclosed in rubber
but every move made his nips pull and his cock throbbed. Becky fucked his
ass and the dildo kept hitting his prostate making him gasp. Another dildo
was inside Becky and she moaned, as she was both fucked and fucking. As
they used his body for their pleasure Chet tried to stay in place but lolita rape incest torture it
was difficult and he sweated as they rode. lolita nude pics models He tried to keep his head up
but he did not look Athena in the eyes. Instead he looked at the wall.
On the wall was a long sword. It was on obviously a cherished lolitas nude model archives gift
and lolita nude pics models Chet could tell it was very sharp.
Both women began to moan.
“Yes, my love, use him.” Athena said.
“Feels so good.” Becky moaned.
Eventually, he heard Becky home lolita pussy picture
moan behind him that she was cumming and
after long moans and yelps of pleasure she pulled out of him. She went to
Athena and they began to kiss. Seconds later, Athena came while still
riding Chet.
By the tiny teen lolita sex end they were all sweaty and only Chet had not cum. Athena
again petted his head.
“Good boy.”
Chet was exhausted and his head hung. In front of him the women
kissed and petted each other. Chet paid them no attention. They left the
room together leaving Chet hanging by his nips.
Chet stared at the sword.
Later, Chet began lolita nude pics models to hear noises from the room on the other side of
the door. Eventually, the door opened and Primbatu came into his office.
He saw Chet hanging there and smiled.
“We’re going to have so much fun tonight.” Primbatu said.
Primbatu grabbed the clamps that were tightly fasted to Chet’s tits
and in one swift motion released them.
Chet’s knees buckled and he fell.
“Yes,” Primbatu said, “kneel before your master.”
Chet’s tits throbbed and he moaned as the blood rushed into them.
Primbatu unzipped his pants and pulled out his large cock. Instantly, Chet
was on it sucking for all he was worth.
Primbatu moaned with satisfaction.
“Yes my boy. Feed on your master’s cock. Cum is the only protein
you will receive this evening.” Chet worked and gauged his master’s reactions. He concentrated on
the cock head licking at it and circling it with his tongue. It made
Primbatu’s body shake with pleasure. Chet, his hands still cuffed, used
his chin to prod Primbatu’s balls every so often. He felt Primbatu stiffen
and then he grabbed Chet’s head tightly as he unleashed his load into
Chet’s mouth. Chet drank his master’s gift.
Primbatu pushed Chet off his cock and Chet fell onto his ass. He
could still taste his owner’s cum in his mouth.
Primbatu moved to the door.
“You’ve learned. That’s excellent. Tonight will be your coming
out party,” he said as he grabbed the handle of the door.
Chet did not get up. “The guests have started to arrive.” Primbatu said, “One guest has
paid more for a private showing.”
Primbatu opened the door. Chet gasped as Brick walked into the room. There was a second when the room seemed to freeze as if time stood
still. Then it was as if a bomb went off. Chet rose off the floor lolitas free pics 11yo and
charged at Brick, his hands still in cuffs. He used his body as a
battering ram, charging headfirst into Brick and pushing him back into the
door. The door shook with the force of their weight.
“WHY ARE YOU HERE!” Chet screamed.
Brick was caught off guard, the air forced from his lungs. He
“YOU PROMISED! YOU PROMISED!” Chet was crazed forcing his muscled
body into Brick again and again.
Brick too was amazed. He had gotten the invitation as his brother had black preteen lolita pictures directed and
arrived at the Primbatu house early, eager to get at Chet as soon as
possible. Vince would be at the party later and by that time Brick had
hoped to finish with Chet. He lolitas nude model archives wanted the boy, his boy, more than ever. He
had brought $5,000.00, and had offered it to Primbatu for time alone and
Primbatu had agreed. He had even mentioned a “feeding” to Brick that
sounded interesting.
Brick had been amazed as he gazed at the boy’s body. It had been
wonderful to start home lolita pussy picture
with but Primbatu had made it magnificent. It rivaled
even his lolitas nude model archives body. Chet’s body was muscular but not bodybuilder size and his
pecs were the crown jewel of black preteen lolita pictures
his body large with magnificent cone shaped
nipples that begged to be used. Brick wanted him more then ever when he
saw Chet cuffed and collared, a plastic sheath covering his cock and balls.
But the boy seemed wild, untamed. For his part, Primbatu too was amazed, but not home lolita pussy picture for the same reason.
Here was his pet, Pex, who had never once complained as all kinds of
unspeakable things were done to his body. A boy who had never, not even
once, protested what was being done to him now, suddenly and without
warning, he was showing a backbone, fighting. Primbatu realized the boy
had not been broken, as he had believed. He had been hiding his true self.
This concerned Primbatu. He held himself out to be a good judge of his
pets and this was unnerving.
Primbatu grabbed Chet by the collar and pulled him off of Brick.
He pulled Chet with great force and he could hear the boy choke as the
collar cut off his windpipe. He was thrown to the ground but still he
yelled at Brick. “You’re supposed to watch over Dean. That was the deal.” Chet
spoke from the ground panting, glaring up at Vince.
“Your former boyfriend is just fine,” Vince said, “he’s a
quarterback and very successful. He doesn’t need protection.”
“THAT WAS THE DEAL!” Chet said. There were actually tears in his
eyes and Primbatu understood just how much this Dean person meant to Pex. Primbatu moved quickly he grabbed the chain that had connected
Chet’s tit clamps to the winch and attached it to the loop on Chet’s
collar. He hit a switch and the chain began to pull Chet up until he hung
from his neck, choking. Primbatu let preteen lolita hidden upskirt him hand for a moment his hands
cuffed behind his back, making gagging sounds. Then, slowly he took a
footstool and slipped it under Chet’s feet careful to make sure the boy’s
swinging legs did not hit him.
Chet’s feet found the stool and he stood on it.
“Better,” Primbatu said.
He turned to Vince.
“I’m sorry but obviously you two know each other.”
“I’m the one who kidnapped and sold him,” Vince nude 7yo lolita nymphets said. “I let a
friend of his free for his tiny tots lolitas galleries submission.”
Primbatu nodded.
“You should go now,” Primbatu said.
Vince did not want that. Chet was so close and he would not be
Primbatu reached into his pocket and handed Vince his tiny teen lolita sex
money back.
“Take your money.”
Vince hesitated for a moment.
“No.” Chet watched the scene. Primbatu had surprised him with his power.
But he had surprised himself too. When he saw Vince he lost all control
and now he was paying the price.
Primbatu smiled. Vince seemed to get bigger, trying to impress the
slave master with his size. But it was over in less than a minute. Vince
simply turned and left.
Primbatu shrugged.
He looked at Chet.
“I’m going to have to teach you a lesson.”
Chet did not look down as he normally did. Instead he looked
Primbatu directly in the eyes. Something he knew was not tolerated.
“Fuck off. You never broke me and you never will,” Chet said, “the
slaves here submit to you willingly but I won’t do it anymore.” Primbatu laughed at this.
“You will be lolita rape incest torture used tonight harder than you can imagine, then I will
whip and scar your body and then I will cut off your balls and make you a
With that Primbatu left.
Chet knew he was serious. He looked around but there was nothing
he could do. He was firmly in place and there was no one to help him. In
fact, Vince might have helped him had he been smarter but his anger, and
worry for Dean, had gotten the best of him. He waited, the stool under him until the door opened. Ryan walked
in looking very troubled.
“What did you do?” he asked. Chet looked down at him to see tears
Chet did not speak and Ryan went to the winch and lowered Chet then
unhooked his collar from the chain.
“We’ve had a difference of opinion,” Chet said.
“He wants to kill you.”
Chet’s mind opened then and he saw a plan. It was just that easy.
The entire plan came into his mind in one burst. He leaned down and kissed
“I love you master,” Chet said.
Ryan hugged him.
“I love you to.”
“I just wanted to be with you and no one else. But your father
wouldn’t allow it.”
He had hoped his father did not tell him what they had fought about
and that this lie would work.
Chet continued to kiss Ryan his cock hard against the slave
master’s son. Finally, Ryan grabbed it, making Chet gasp.
“I’ll talk to my dad.” Ryan was kissing Chet now, stroking his
body. Chet moaned, acting as if he were in pain.
“What’s wrong,” Ryan said.
“I think your father hurt my wrist.”
Ryan touched his wrist and Chet yelped. Then Ryan reached into his
pocket and took out a key and uncuffed Chet’s wrists. Chet rubbed them.
“Better?” Ryan asked.
Chet nodded.
“Please go talk to your father,” Chet said, “I promise I’ll be good
Ryan nodded and started to leave.
“If you do anything my dad will kill you.”
Chet lolitas nude model archives
promised again that he would be good and Ryan left the room. Chet looked at the wall at the sword and then tiny teen lolita sex at the desk.
The phone stared back at him.
He picked up the phone and dialed the number. On the third ring
someone answered it.
“This is control,” the man’s voice said.
Chet paused and was horrified that he couldn’t remember the code.
“Help us.” Chet said.
“You have the wrong number,” the voice said and the phone went
dead. Chet moaned then picked up the phone redialing the number.
“This is control.”
“Steel found Sunshine,” Chet said but nude 7yo lolita nymphets
before he could continue the
voice interrupted him.
“Who is this?”
“I’m Chet and I’m with the president’s son. Help us.”
There was a long pause lolita rape incest torture and Chet was sure he would be discovered and
killed. Then the voice came back.
“Where is the agent who gave you this number?”
Chet thought very young lolita galleries of Austin somewhere, alone and in trouble.
“They took him away lolitas nude model archives and we’re next.”
Again a pause.
“Can you keep the boy safe?”
“No.” Chet said, now it was his turn to pause, “but I’ll try my
“Good,” the voice was softer now, concerned. “When you hear us
coming take cover.”
“How will I know your coming?” Chet asked. The voice on the other end of the phone laughed.
“You’ll know.”
Then the line went dead. Chet had no idea when they would come or
what it would be like but help was on the way. Then the door opened and Primbatu and Ryan tiny teen lolita sex came into the room.
Chet went to them head down. Luckily Chet had moved away from the phone.
Primbatu shook his head.
“Take him to the party,” Primbatu said, “we’ll deal with this
incident later.”
Ryan nodded to Chet and together they moved out of the room
quickly. In front of him Chet could hear people laughing.
“What’s going to happen?” Chet asked.
“It’s a party,” he said, “you’re going to be the entertainment.”
Ryan took Chet down the hallway to get him ready. In his study Primbatu sat down at his desk.
He picked up the phone.
“Marco,” Primbatu said, “get the jet ready. We’ll be nude 7yo lolita nymphets
Primbatu prided himself on knowing when to move on and inside he
felt the time had come. By tonight he and everyone associated with his
business would be gone. Outside the Primbatu home Vince walked quickly to his car. As he
walked he took the invitation to the party and crumpled it into a ball.
Then he dropped it on the ground.
He was angry and he called his brother from the car telling him to
forget the party. He wanted to eat and then pound the hell out of his
brother’s asshole. Clark and Bruce watched Vince leave from their car. When Vince had
driven away lolitas nude model archives
Clark went to the place Vince had dropped the invitation and
PRIMBATU’S Clark took the note and together he and Bruce entered the Primbatu
compound.End Chapter Seventeen
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